Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tahun untuk kecantikan dan kesihatan

Tahun ini saya dah berjanji untuk menjaga diri sendiri. Saya sudah mula menyambung kembali kegiatan beraerobik dan berjogging. Harap-harap ini bukan hangat hangat tahi ayam!!! Dah nak masuk 44 dah umur ni. Jadi kena buat sesuatu yang konsisten untuk kekal sihat. Badan dah rasa lesu aje...selalu letih. Bila jogging petang petang atau balik dari aerobik memang letih badan tapi rasa segar minda. Memang tak ada jalan pintas kalau nak sihat ni..
Ha...bab kecantikan pulak, saya dah mula mengamalkan minum air masak 24/7. Memang nampak perubahan pada kulit, perut pun rasa lawas.. mula mula tu masa sarapan kena minum air masak saja, rasa macam nak terkeluar air tu balik. Heheh.. ye lah, kita dah biasa minum air panas, kopi ke milo ke...tiba-tiba kena minum air masak , memang tak kelasss!!! Hahaha...tapi air masak ni la paling bagus. Kadang kadang balik rumah mak, terbabas jugak diet saya ni. Tapi saya akan naik balik wagon tu. Orang putih kata , "fall off the wagon". Bila saya terjemah rasa pelik pulak.

Saya juga sekarang sedang mengambil Kawaii. Minuman berkolagen. Baru 2 malam minum. Jadi tak boleh nak bagi testimoni lagi. Tapi sebab terpengaruh sangat dengan testimoni Dr Halina, saya terus mencuba produk ini. Nanti selepas beberapa bulan, saya akan update..hehe

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The unputdownables

I bought these books years ago and I still havent gotten round to reading even one of them. Well, Chinese New Year holiday is looming ahead. I might have time to read the first series.

 Love this quotation!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2014 Recapped

       2014 has been a bittersweet year for me, my family and for my beloved nation. In January I had a miscarriage. The pregnancy was unexpected but I was over the moon. Beloved and the children were beside themselves. However, it was not meant to be. The whole ordeal was painful and it drained me physically and mentally. I cried for many, many days. Even now, I still grieve. Enough said..

          2014 also marked the year that my children are growing up.  It dawned on me that they will be flying from their nest soon. Hence this story.... Hazim was offered to continue his studies in MRSM Merbok. Upon getting the text from MARA, I felt this inner peace settling over me. He would be in good hands now. All praises to Allah. You cant help but have high expectations on your firstborn. You will do well, Ajim...
        2014 also was a big year for my little muffin, Nina. She sat for her UPSR. She had been blessed with dedicated school teachers and experienced tuition teachers. Through her hard work as well, she managed to score 5As. All thanks to Allah. I reckon I aged a few years the day she obtained her results. It was nerve wrecking. I wouldnt want to go through it again but I know I have to. Wafi will be facing his UPSR in the next few years.
       2014 was also the year that beloved had a harsh wake up call. For a few months, he suffered this excruciating pain on his kidney. The symptoms were there. I begged him to go and have a check up. Being a typical Malay man, he brushed it off assuring me that it was not something serious. Well, it was... serious I mean. When we went to Metro Hospital, the doctor confirmed it was gall bladder.  He had to undergo a surgery. Alhamdulillah he is alright now..Before he was discharged, we had a long talk with the nutritionist. The list of food to be avoided is so long...I doubt whether beloved can faithfully stick to the recommended diet. I was pleasantly surprised though. Until today, he is making the effort to change his lifestyle. Bravissimo!!
      2014 was the year that 2 Malaysian airplanes went down.... Ahhhh... the grief, the sorrow and these feelings of despair rocked my beloved nation. I didnt have anybody i know in the airplanes but it still left me feeling sad and bewildered.. My prayers for all the victims and my heartfelt condolences to victims' families and friends.
     So, that's it. I have let it all out. I feel better now..
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