Monday, December 26, 2011

A short getaway

Based on the feedback from my friends, Langkawi Island, Cameron Highlands and Genting Highlands (to name a few) are not the places to go during school holidays. They will be crowded with people and knowing myself  I would not be able to enjoy it. However, we did promise the kids that we would take them somewhere. So last weekend, off we went to Penang Island. Both my husband and I took Monday off . We planned to spend the night there on Sunday and leave on Monday. We went to Flamingo Hotel first to book a room. The receptionist said there were no rooms available. Then we tried Tanjung Bungah and Copthorne. Still disappointed! Finally around 1 p.m. we managed to get a room at Hydro Hotel (formerly known as Feringghi Beach Hotel). The kids were ecstatic because the pool was big and just splendid. The rest of of the day was spent frolicking in the pool and watching Dragon Boat Race at Teluk Bahang. At night, we combed Feringghi area to window shop at Feringghi Walk. The next day, again, the kids insisted that the pool was the best place to hang out. As usual, whenever we spend our time around places with water, I will be the keeper of clothes, bags and etc..Check out the photos I have captured.

The view from our room

Watching Dragon Boat Race
Teluk Kumbar
The kids cant wait to dive in the pool

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snake and Reptile Farm-Perlis

When it comes to creepy crawly and slithery animals, I just stay away from them. I dont know why I am squeamish but I am... So, after spending half of our day at Wang Kelian, my husband wanted to make a stop at Snake and Reptile Farm. At that time, I thought ohhh... okay, I would just sit in the car and wait for them. However, my husband managed to persuade me to come along too.After 10 minutes being surrounded by all types of snakes I took the nearest exit because I wanted to throw up!! These are some photos that were taken before my queasiness started, he..he..he..

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wang Prachan and Wang Kelian-Border Weekend Bazaar

 Can you imagine how hot it is?
Padang Besar signboard
some of the things sold there
my little muffin
Panca Sitara
Sweet young things
I couldnt stand the heat
Finally Wafi got his angry bird soft toy
Wang Prachan and Wang Kelian are popular border weekend Bazaar. As we have never been there, my husband and I decided to bring the kids and in-laws there. A few days before going, I googled Wang Kelian. All of the information mentioned have one similar factor, the heat!! The temperature there could reach 40 degree Celcius. Wow! So on that day, I made sure that the kids wear their caps. Wafi made a fuss but I stood my ground. So, he had to wear his cap even though he didnt want to. He..he..he..
My advice to those who want to go to Padang Besar, make a stop to Wang Kelian first because the goods there are relatively cheaper. I didnt spend much but I made a mental note that should I ever come again,  I am going to buy comforter/soft mattress. We left the place around 1.30 pm. Then we stopped at Taman Reptilia. I will tell my experience with the much dreaded reptiles in my next entry.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We won!!!

my group members
Today our group represented by Jaseemah presented our action research paper in Bengkel Pelaporan Hasil Kajian R&D in Emerald Puteri Hotel in SP. There were 14 groups altogether and almost all of them are experts in their own field. Compared to them we are novices. So, when the result was announced, we were surprised but delighted to know that we came in second place! Before the result was announced, I told myself that I'm not going to do this research thingy anymore. Clash of wills and time constraint are few of the factors that made me think twice to do it again. So when the MC announced the winners, the word surprise is really an understatement. We thought we would only get the complimentary certs. I could still recall my group members' faces. He..he..he..


Posing with the hamper
Again but sitting position, he..he..he
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