Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A bunch of smiles, a bouquet of laughter

All geared up for the celebration
I should have posted this a few weeks ago. However, laziness as always, plays a major factor. This habit of mine is really annoying. I really need to change. Ok, I'm digressing here. Recently, my sister, Zura and I came up with this idea to hold a birthday celebration for the little as well as the big people, namely Hazim, Haziq, Dina, Aqif, Nian and Zura herself.  We agreed to delegate the task. I would bake cakes and she would prepare goodie bags and games for the little ones. As usual, any big event would be held at my mother's house.
Wafi and his beloved cousin, Aqil

Amateurish attempt to decorate the cake!
Next time I'll decorate better, promise!
The children had a blast. The little ones however had a hard time accepting why they could not be in the musical chair game anymore as they failed to secure seats for themselves. It was hilarious. In the end, Nian my little sister gracefully let Nina win the game. Besides that, we also had Candies Galore which the children were to race each other and collect candies as many as they could.  Later, everybody agreed unanimously that this event should be held anually. Yay!!!

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