Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson and Johnny English (in that particular order)

 I have never fancied Mr Bean. Even though these series have huge followers , I don't really like this fictional character. Personally, I think that Mr Bean is a self centered, mean, stingy, socially inept and pathetic man. It boggles my mind when all of my children love Mr. Bean. The physical comedy doesn't really attract me to watch his shows. Being a woman who sometimes ruled by emotions, somehow it makes me dislike the actor himself, Rowan Atkinson. However, I was surprised to discover that this actor is actually a very intelligent guy. He is an engineer by qualification and surprise, surprise, he is an Oxford University alumni. My impression of this actor took a 180 degree turn when I watched a few of his movies, Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Lion King and Mr Bean's holiday. So, last weekend my family and I went to watch his latest movie, Johnny English. I have read some reviews and all of them were positive. As my husband and I really need a break, we thought that this movie is our answer. We were not disappointed, I  think I laughed from the beginning until the end. I'm sure this movie will not win any Oscar awards but if you are in need of a good laugh then Johnny English will be able to provide some.

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