Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ulu Legong Hot Spring

On our way!
The need to relax and unwind have prompted my husband and I to take a trip to the countryside namely Baling specifically Ulu Legong Hot Spring. I managed to persuade my mother to come along too. We departed after Asar and we stopped at Kupang to try the local delicacy there. The laksa beras was yummy but the sate was nothing to shout about.

Isn't it cheap?

Waiting for the food
Hazim is doing his "The Rock " thing again!
My hand shook when capturing this photo

We reached Ulu Legong around 8 pm after stopping again for Maghrib prayer at a local mosque. Upon reaching there, I felt a little apprehensive because it was drizzling and the road was dark. The thing is, Wafi, my youngest child has this special radar for the unknown presence. Ever since he was a baby, he would cry this eerie cry if he sensed something. I was worried if this place would be filled with you know what. The big trees, the dark road and the weather intensified my fear. Alhamdulillah when we reached the Hot Spring, the place was well lit and the facilities were well managed. There were a lot of people there. Admission for adults is RM4 and RM2 for children. Not bad! The temperature of the pools is between 30 degree to 6o degree Celcius. Seriously hot stuff! There are 5 pools including 1 for children. What makes the pool hot is the high content of sulphur. Dipping or soaking in the pool can help those who have ailments and skin problems. My mother and children stayed in the pool for hours!

We'll definitely come again

The children were running here and there. Couldn't take their photo

Wafi slept soundly that night . Thank God!

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