Monday, March 21, 2011

Of food and weddings

I love weddings! I love the idea of 2 people in love finally joined in matrimony. As I radiate such positive energy about weddings, my children got infected with the bug too! However, their love for weddings has nothing to do with romance! They enjoy getting candies, goodie bags and eating scrumptious food. Recently, I went to a relative's wedding. We got there early. It was the usual things you would expect in a wedding ceremony. Beautifully made up bride, handsome bridegroom, contented parents and loud music. However, what was a bit unusual about this wedding was nobody greeted or welcomed us. Maybe the hosts were too exhausted to come and say hello. Anyway, that did not stop us from enjoying the food though!

On a different note, I notice that brides and bridegrooms of this generation are no longer shy and unsure. They are usually the ones who would take charge and would go from table to table to greet their friends and relatives. What about the food served at weddings? Some hosts would go all out to make sure their guests leave with full bellies and a big smile on their face. 'Nasi minyak' is not the only dish nowadays. Sweet porridge is a popular choice for a side dish. Cendol, ice cream and kuih muih are often found at Malay weddings. Who are happiest at these kinds of weddings? My family and I , of course!

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