Monday, March 21, 2011

True confession of a chocoholic

Chocolate is considered to be the most addictive food on earth. Tell me about it! I can survive without dinner, sweet drinks or delicious, mouth watering cakes but chocolate is a different story. I just can't stop this addiction. Befitting it's other name, 'food of the gods' or  it's scientific name, 'Theobroma cacao', chocolate is sought and craved by millions of people. For me, chocolate is my comfort food. Whenever I feel stressed or down, a bar of chocolate would always cheer me up. The funny thing is, I eat chocolate when I am in a joyous mood too! Now, as I am nearing 40, I am a bit conscious of my health (sigh!). So, last year, I reluctantly switched my tastebud to dark chocolate or semi-sweet chocolate. It was love at first bite! My appreciation of this food which is sent from above takes on a new level. I am resigned to the fact that we cannot live without each other. Ahem... actually I cannot live without it!

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