Monday, April 18, 2011

A Much-Needed Break!

In 2 weeks time, all matriculation lecturers will be given roughly a 2 week holiday. Yay!! I got so many plans in my head that I don't know whether I can manage to do it all!

in a dreamy state....

Let's see... Things to do while my husband is at work, children are in school and I am on a 2 week break.
  • watch lots of movies (e.g. Life As We See It, Three Idiots)
  • read novels (means of getting it; buy, borrow or steal. Kidding!!)

 I plan to finish reading this book first
  • change table cloth, table runners and bedsheets
  • baking (top on my list; muffins with chocolate chips and almond nibs, chocolate cheese cake)

  • cook real breakfast for my children before they're off to school. (Note to self; real breakfast does not consist of frozen food, store bought buns and cereals)  AND

  • the best part.. Just do nothing!!!
It's a heavenly feeling when I can squeeze in a "me" time in my ever busy schedule. I will be rejuvenated, refreshed and happier. I am pretty sure I will be singing McDonald's anthem song, " I'm loving it" during that 2 week.

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