Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My true calling...Seriously???!!!

Unlike some people, I wasn't born with extraordinary talents. I can only teach. I don't know how to play any musical instrument. I don't have any idea how to assemble parts of a computer desktop. Let alone figure out why is my computer's health status is forever bad. I am also not good at sports, well, except for aerobics (is that considered sports?) Anyway, last year I discovered a new passion. Baking!!! I found out that I truly love baking. I started with baking muffins (premix of course!). I cautiously tried to bake moist chocolate cake. Well, the result was really, really satisfying. My husband and children loved the muffins and the cake.

So far, I have baked walnut carrot cake, cheese cake, puff pastries and savoury bread puddings. In fact, I have also roasted barbecued chickens. I realise that some talents are not inborn. You really have to acquire it. According to my friend,there's a new saying , " Perfect practice makes perfect". It feels so good inside when my family and friends enjoying my labour of love. Therefore. it was a brilliant move for me to buy the gas stove cum oven. Ha..ha..ha!!! I am now searching a recipe for chocolate cheese cake. Mmmm.. can't wait!!

1 comment:

  1. Yes sis I agree with your hubby and kids.....your bread pudding is SEDAP!!!!. When can I have some more????


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