Monday, May 30, 2011

The return of awesomeness!

                           My favourite panda in the whole wide world

My family and I have eagerly been waiting for the return of The Dragon Warrior , Po. Last weekend, we made it to the movie theatre to watch Kung Fu Panda sequel. Well, what's my verdict??? Yep, totally brilliant. PIXAR should be worried because DREAMWORKS is finally catching up from strength to strength. This movie is totally funny. I have always loved Jack Black. I think he is so..... talented.

                                                   Wafi and Nina

The star studded voice talents really made the film a success. The ending of the movie suggests that there's another sequel coming. Simply awesome!!!

                               The usual suspects! He..he..he..


  1. Yeah..i really enjoyed myself watching this n cant stop laughing.Po is forever a cute panda..hehehe...i think it's a good animation movie for kids, and not just kids-adults too!! ;p

  2. I am forever in love with this panda!!


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