Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wang Prachan and Wang Kelian-Border Weekend Bazaar

 Can you imagine how hot it is?
Padang Besar signboard
some of the things sold there
my little muffin
Panca Sitara
Sweet young things
I couldnt stand the heat
Finally Wafi got his angry bird soft toy
Wang Prachan and Wang Kelian are popular border weekend Bazaar. As we have never been there, my husband and I decided to bring the kids and in-laws there. A few days before going, I googled Wang Kelian. All of the information mentioned have one similar factor, the heat!! The temperature there could reach 40 degree Celcius. Wow! So on that day, I made sure that the kids wear their caps. Wafi made a fuss but I stood my ground. So, he had to wear his cap even though he didnt want to. He..he..he..
My advice to those who want to go to Padang Besar, make a stop to Wang Kelian first because the goods there are relatively cheaper. I didnt spend much but I made a mental note that should I ever come again,  I am going to buy comforter/soft mattress. We left the place around 1.30 pm. Then we stopped at Taman Reptilia. I will tell my experience with the much dreaded reptiles in my next entry.

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