Thursday, December 1, 2011

We won!!!

my group members
Today our group represented by Jaseemah presented our action research paper in Bengkel Pelaporan Hasil Kajian R&D in Emerald Puteri Hotel in SP. There were 14 groups altogether and almost all of them are experts in their own field. Compared to them we are novices. So, when the result was announced, we were surprised but delighted to know that we came in second place! Before the result was announced, I told myself that I'm not going to do this research thingy anymore. Clash of wills and time constraint are few of the factors that made me think twice to do it again. So when the MC announced the winners, the word surprise is really an understatement. We thought we would only get the complimentary certs. I could still recall my group members' faces. He..he..he..


Posing with the hamper
Again but sitting position, he..he..he

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